Watch this, y'all ain't gonna regret it



  1. Posted by catonacorn, — Reply

    'Okay Karen, I fucking see, it is a saturday again and none of your cocktail-magaritha friends had some time for your bored ass so... just let's get this over with!' 😂😂

  2. Posted by ddawn0109, — Reply

    Wow, I'm surprised there is nothing on here about animal abuse. What a delight! People are actually enjoying the little video. This makes it that much better :)

  3. Posted by estoquiah, — Reply

    ;-; why can't I just enjoy at least ONE cute pet themed pin on pinterest without all these doubting comments? Is that too much to ask? I know you guys are concerned, but most animals aren't THAT delicate!

  4. Posted by luellarudii, — Reply

    Humans touching dogs paws in loving cute ways to make them play instruments is ABUSIVE . Somebody call PETA 911 WHATS YOUR EMERGENCY YAAA OFFICER IM TRIGGERED HELP WEE-YOO WEE-YOO WEE-YOO

  5. Posted by kiki2013na, — Reply

    Love this video soooo much I pinned it an watch it...definitely no regrets! Just guaranteed smiles an chuckles. Lmao seriously doubt the chihuahuas paw is hurting.

  6. Posted by stonergirl422, — Reply

    Can I ask - why do people get upset about other people being genuinely concerned about an animals welfare and treatment for entertainment purposes?

  7. Posted by beckbrod, — Reply

    you are never gonna believe this... these 2 commenters got into a real nasty fight. their names? RAGE AND HATE and SOCIO PATH. i mean from their names, i honestly thought they were gonna swap recipes or something. who knew?!

  8. Posted by legacyc432, — Reply

    Oh tonight I'm gone and they saying last call all I want is to see you twerk for me So DARLING DARLING *TwErk* I can't be the only one that thought of this

  9. Posted by emiliaclacy, — Reply

    If the dogs were getting abused they would be more aggressive, and probs wouldn’t let the owner do it in the frist place, so they ,must be well looked after, also some people just wanna share what they think is cute or funny or might cheer up someone’s day

  10. Posted by tiredjaclyn, — Reply

    Hey guys... Sorry if I’m annoying you at the moment but I’m trying to get more followers! If you don’t mind checking my boards and following me that would be great! Ty!

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