¿Belleza o arte? Impresionante maquillaje Avant Garde...


¿Belleza o arte? Impresionante maquillaje Avant Garde...


  1. Posted by breezelynnkyle490, — Reply

    watch ima get that🥺🥺 sumin i can relate to the strongest outta them all is stopping what was so good to us bc we loved the pain n the scares but now when i look at those scares its like the pain was jus so fr

  2. Posted by ivaniespinoza, — Reply

    The cut marks 🥺

  3. Posted by annetterj27, — Reply

    That is sad a lot of people do that and I’m one of them but I stoped cause I was harming myself

  4. Posted by jessica_landrey, — Reply

    lol my arms are waaay too messed up to cover with a tattoo

  5. Posted by carmenalyssia2, — Reply

    Check out my boards if you aren’t wack 🦋😌🥶🧚🏼‍♀️ k thanksss 😌

  6. Posted by itzthezbrienne, — Reply

    Tha cut marks ... ahhhhh 😭😭🥺

  7. Posted by stephanniiea, — Reply

    The fact that the tattoo is right on the cut marks 🥺❤️

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