Natural Tattoo Eyebrow Pen


Highly comfortable, Natural Tattoo EyeBrow Pen features a micro-fork tip applicator that creates hair-like strokes for brows that last all day. Get the perfect eyebrow daily with in seconds.  Get perfectly-defined, natural-looking brows that last all day. FEATURES: Waterproof, Smudge-proof, 24-Hour Long-lasting Ink for


  1. Posted by StellaJested, — Reply

    is available from Essence for 3 euros and lasts 4 weeks if you store it upside down

  2. Posted by alice_beauregard, — Reply

    What if you mess it up

  3. Posted by ttangeo, — Reply

    it'll stop working after 1,5 uses

  4. Posted by tillywinterrocks, — Reply

    DONT USE IT. I used it’s and it turned my skin green

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