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  1. Posted by fallntributerue, — Reply

    What does wearing pads 2 days before it comes ,supposed to do?other than waste pads?and you don’t need to change that often unless you bleed that heavy scented pads,baby powder and a bath should keep things fresh for far longer

  2. Posted by bellieb2006, — Reply

    I can’t wear a pad 2 days before bc mine STILL hasn’t regulated. It was close to the end of the month for a while and now it’s just random… (I’m 14 btw and started at 11 so idk if that has anything to do with it)

  3. Posted by Gingeralgirl, — Reply

    Instead of wearing pads 2 days before you should wear pantie liners so in case your scared you might start early just wear pantie liners instead! 🤷🏽‍♀️💯

  4. Posted by colvinmollie19, — Reply

    Takeing a bath in hot water is the best . and if u girls wear pads but on big ones it will help alot and dont ever wear white shorts to school when your on your period cuz you will get made fun of by other people. And its like this other girls make fun of girls there on there period its like u go through the same thing ✨🚿🛀

  5. Posted by missem, — Reply

    I’m on mine and I sneezed so let’s see if that is true abt sneezing on your period!!!! why i am a man now. so much freaking blood.

  6. Posted by morallyd000, — Reply

    also if you get blood on your underwear you can get a Stan stick or a bar of soap and put under hot water and then put it in a washer 😮

  7. Posted by cailliau0470, — Reply

    help me girls I’m on my period I have a light flow I’m going swimming with my cousins today and we switch between going on a trampoline and swimming I hear after swimming you should put a pad on right away is it safe to swim with a pad? Help me oh yeah also I’m at my aunts house and I only have access to pads 😓

  8. Posted by lollipoptime, — Reply

    I was feeling really grumpy and was thinking that I don’t even know why I was grumpy and I said to myself: I bet I’m going to get my period soon. But guess what I did I forgot and didn’t put on a pad and I’m on my period

  9. Posted by lilyjade12e, — Reply

    Got my period at ten years old 😓FYI if u see a brown spot at the front of your pants ur prob on ur period I got mine in school😤

  10. Posted by jjsanchia, — Reply

    I don't think anybody feels like doing some of that during their period..I'm always sitting on a couch and doing nothing

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