I wonder if I’ve ever walked by a murderer who looked at me and thought ‘nah, not that one’


Someone from Glendale, Arizona, US posted a whisper, which reads "I wonder if I’ve ever walked by a murderer who looked at me and thought ‘nah, not that one’"


  1. Posted by legodan1990, — Reply

    not really. i just don't see why i would be passed up. I mean, a white guy in his twenties, driving a 10+ year old car who is not socially active? My survival to this point kind of shows how rare random murderers are.

  2. Posted by gregory3632, — Reply

    I think MOST murders are people known to the killer and done for things like hatred, revenge, or material gains, ect. Also I think most killers (especially those who get away with it) have only murdered one person. Killers who murder randomly just for the fun of killing are pretty rare, even in the spectrum of murderers.

  3. Posted by brinlaree, — Reply

    The average person walks past at least 16 murderers in their lifetime. My rule of thumb is- you never see the fat ones getting shoved in the van = eat more cake.

  4. Posted by sezzv92, — Reply

    This makes me think of the movie Disturbia. Not kidding after watching that movie I spent weeks trying to decide which one of my neighbors is most likely to be a serial killer. I ended up picking the nice old lady across the road.

  5. Posted by ddonkor23, — Reply

    The reason why he would have said "definitely not that one" to me is because there are Angels guarding me and he doesnt want to mess with them.

  6. Posted by TheMoodySloth, — Reply

    If anything, I think I'd be the murderer. My bff said I have enough fcked up personality for things like that. That was the day I kicked his a$$ (which is nothing new in our relationship). But I guess I'll never find out if it happened or not cuz I can't read minds.

  7. Posted by ortizarlie, — Reply

    Well, I don’t see why someone would pass me up. I wouldn’t put up a fight. I’m too tired. I may sound edgy but I think it’s about time I died.

  8. Posted by anaichernandez, — Reply

    Why would they not want to kill me I mean im not sure if I'm the best one to kill because my friends & family will find out who killed me and kill the killer🤣😅🔪

  9. Posted by babiekate1307, — Reply

    So I saw something and it said the average person walks by a serial killer 36 times their whole life I don't know if it's true but I saw it on here so I just thought I'd put it on here.

  10. Posted by clarafinch07, — Reply

    Nah If a murderer saw me they would have thot nah that ones too dumb she’ll prob just accidentally wall off a bridge or something

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