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  1. Posted by ellaneide, — Reply

    In my opinion, it is impossible to do on your own perfectly without being a professional. I think that it is the prettiest hairstyle I have ever seed though.

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  5. Posted by catylorain, — Reply

    That's cute, but it's not a braid. It's a twist, because braids use three or more sections of hair.

  6. Posted by curlyfriezzz, — Reply

    Just imagine how uncomfortable that little bit of hair would be tickling your neck

  7. Posted by keannida, — Reply

    What i hate about things like this is that I can't make it to my ugly hair strands.

  8. Posted by mariacarolinabattiston, — Reply

    hi In my opinion it impossibole to do on your own perfect

  9. Posted by nnendaamadil, — Reply

    i like it its very easy and challenging at the same time

  10. Posted by sel10723, — Reply

    that is so pretty 😊!!

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