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  1. Posted by bethechangeintheworld, — Reply

    Hello 💖 I know these are annoying but I just spent a few hours organizing my account to make it look aesthetically pleasing for you all🤗 If you don’t mind checking out my account I will def check yours out ! P.S. I might even follow back 🤫

  2. Posted by housefulcrum, — Reply

    My mom died when I was seven so I don't know if this is true... Most likely I'd b/c my dad pulls this allot

  3. Posted by ryleeupson05, — Reply

    Dinners ready| Claw Machines| Ice Cream machines at McDonalds| Mom saying we can sleep in|

  4. Posted by CharlotteTheCatt, — Reply

    That's so true tho

  5. Posted by lattasolas, — Reply


  6. Posted by nthinx, — Reply

    My mom: Let me just hold that for you

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