Easy DIY Evergreen Gnome


Want a fun way to add a little holiday decor outdoors this year? These super simple evergreen gnomes are perfect!


  1. Posted by jillyb1173, — Reply

    These are quite adorable and I am obsessed with Gnomes! I'm not the craftiest person but I definitely want to try and make these gnomes!! Thank you for sharing!!!☺

  2. Posted by kathleenw0749, — Reply

    I did this gnome last year, I used a real tree cut it up, for a nose I used a potato and for mittens I just used a child’s red mittens , to me it was easier, and the hat I got at the dollar store, it was so cute, lots of compliments. But I did follow this one just made adjustments of my own, Than You for the idea❤️

  3. Posted by rhondadi, — Reply

    I live it S GA. It’s normally warm here at Christmas. How do you keep the greenery from dying and turning brown?

  4. Posted by evelyn15966567, — Reply

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  5. Posted by ItsForChristmas, — Reply

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  6. Posted by juliannejordan48, — Reply

    They are very lovely

  7. Posted by wildirishrosecolleenann, — Reply

    These are so cute.

  8. Posted by teriszvel, — Reply

    Szuper jó 😀👍🙋

  9. Posted by cristinaarteconi, — Reply

    Arredare casa

  10. Posted by amartinez0645, — Reply

    Gratis idea.

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