Cell-Tek Geocell Ground Grid Paver - LSG-3 (9' x 24' x 3'')


CELL-TEK Geocell Ground Grid Paver - LSG-3 Model: LSG-3 Size: 9' x 24' Square Footage Per Grid: 215 Color: Green Cell Depth: 3" Cell Dimensions (LxW): 10.2" x 8.8" Load Rating: 8,000 lbs (Cars & Pickup Trucks) FREE SHIPPING Volume pricing available on orders over $7,000 Would You Like a Written Quote? Click Here > Fill With Gravel, Sand, Dirt or Grass The LSG series grid can be filled with a variety of different infill types. You can build a reinforced grass driveway, strong gravel surface or a dirt area which is resistant to erosion. The possibilities are endless! No Gravel Base Required! The LSG series does not require a gravel base. This is due to both the depth and amount of compaction which takes place within the confined cells. Simply lay an approved geotextile below the grid and fill. The result is a savings in both labor and material cost. Fabric for Beneath LSG Grid (Required) It is required that a layer of geotextile fabric is placed below the LSG grid to prevent the gravel from absorbing into the ground. The recommended DuPont fabrics are non-woven geotextiles which provides strength and excellent drainage. View Fabric Options & Other LSG Accessories > LSG SERIES LOAD SUPPORT GRID provides superior support to your pavement system. The system confines materials and prevents lateral movement away from the applied load. The stabilizer grid acts as a large mat, by spreading the load over an extended area while increasing the load bearing capacity of the pavement surface. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Porous Pavements Overflow Parking Areas Access Roads Fire Access Lanes Boat Ramps Parking Lots Golf Cart Paths Roadside Shoulder Reinforcement Driveways Ports & Marinas RV Parking Trails & Pathways Pavement Base Support Permeable Paver Support Horse Paddocks BENEFITS: Reduce Base Thickness up to 50% Reduce Subgrade Stress Reduce Installation Cost ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: Reduce Stormwater Runoff Natural Recharging of Groundwater Capture Airborne Pollutants Safely Distributes Car Oil Leakage Reduce Hot Surface Temperatures STORMWATER STORAGE: LSG-6 (6 inch cell depth) infilled with #57 stone with a 1" wearing layer can provide 2.8" of rainwater storage. EARN LEED BUILDING CREDITS: Reduced Site Disturbance - Heat Island Effect Recycled Material Content - Stormwater Management


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