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  1. Posted by WateryRamen, — Reply

    What a load of crap. Guess it depends on what you qualify as "successful" but many people who are often thought of as successful have the traits of an unsuccessful person.

  2. Posted by sobasskin, — Reply

    Listen guys y’all are in the perfect place on your life right now this is where allah wants you to be your not going to tell Everyone everything you know, and that’s ok !

  3. Posted by 05daniwhite, — Reply

    I mean I sorta agree but theres no such thing as a perfect person. everyone has their flaws and if you have one or a few of the "unsucessful" traits, that doesnt mean your a horrible person, it just means that you're normal lmao

  4. Posted by ditzel1316, — Reply

    I enjoy to see how defensive people get. Dont take it personal... if you did, then change what you need to change... its basically describing a disciplined person and one that is not disciplined. There is no success in anything without discipline... 💕

  5. Posted by MrBoston79, — Reply

    Well this is a steaming pile of morality garbage. Most of the richest men in the world do 80% of the stuff on the “unsuccessful” list. In fact, they did those things to get rich in first place.

  6. Posted by miagilbert, — Reply

    This is a psychological mind fuck. You are going to have to back stab, inform, set up and kiss major ass to move up. You also got to be a alcoholic and be open to sell your soul to get in the club.

  7. Posted by vhhfffgvv, — Reply

    Yes let’s ignore all the privileges that cause success most of the time and how big of a role luck plays in pretty much everything

  8. Posted by mydogsbetterthanyurs, — Reply

    I apply to every single one of unsuccessful except for “ says they keep a journal but don’t”. I really don’t like these kinda posts. And don’t be one of those people that is like oh then leave. But these kinda posts can affect people who don’t have thick skin like I do. Pinterest won’t let me post a really long comment so look in the replies for this one to see the rest

  9. Posted by genesismoya2010, — Reply

    Y’all calm down, y’all getting so offensive and mad. Don’t take things to personally though I admit this article has some things correct and don’t at the same time. Though it all just matters in the way of how you think, plan things, skills and you’re future career or life you want to have. Nothing’s impossible cause impossible just means that you haven’t found the solution yet.

  10. Posted by noodlerina, — Reply

    I may have some of the "unsuccessful" traits but I do know one thing. That I will be the most successful person I know

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