AWESOME on We Heart It


AWESOME on We Heart It


  1. Posted by daisy123y, — Reply

    Ha! I read the first and last sentences only; definitely less than a minute_ Jokes on you

  2. Posted by blackpantherlover227, — Reply

    Actually it was only 20 seconds so jokes on you

  3. Posted by menyarez, — Reply

    I feel attacked but then again I agree that I'm dumb ... u definitely won

  4. Posted by praveenkumar9399, — Reply

    I think you are wasting your whole life for this stupid things

  5. Posted by Shorty45678, — Reply

    Lol this is an awesome pin

  6. Posted by BabyWitch13, — Reply

    Haha, I read the last sentence first, so I read the third words only! Jokes on you!

  7. Posted by livia_the_clown, — Reply

    Lol it tricked me at first

  8. Posted by SkipAD00, — Reply

    That took me, like, 4 minutes..

  9. Posted by camryng70, — Reply

    I’m not stupid tho

  10. Posted by cparsons4607, — Reply

    Yea it didnt trick me for a minute but this is a rlly funny pin

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