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puffs and ruffs!! (ง'̀-’́)ง


  1. Posted by Sotvoh, — Reply

    You guys should follow her page @leecheedoodles on instagram. She does time skip ppg character comics (including the rowdy ruff boys). I love them so much

  2. Posted by capralily540, — Reply

    dead ass have an oc that looks exactly like this either than the green eyes.

  3. Posted by yd85d84d, — Reply

    I'm gay now

  4. Posted by lucyjenkins126, — Reply

    Kinda looks like toph as a modern teenager too

  5. Posted by GiJi_Gurl, — Reply

    Omg the bottom pose reminds me of Sakura 😯

  6. Posted by samanthamaayo, — Reply

    I love it how she looks so bad ass

  7. Posted by schaschupp, — Reply

    I think she looks a bit like Korra 😁

  8. Posted by armstall00002, — Reply

    wait Buttercup as in....powerpuff girls?!?!

  9. Posted by jillyarmadilo, — Reply

    I loooooveee uwu

  10. Posted by PWistrue, — Reply

    Reminds me of the kid in dream daddy

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