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  1. Posted by Sam_1DHarryTomWDWMarvel100, — Reply

    Here’s what I think, Todd is 13 in most of the book cuz when you turn 14 you “become a man” and Todd is almost 14, but I think they are gonna have to change it to when your 18 you “become a man” cuz he can’t pass as a 14 year old anymore.

  2. Posted by cricket133, — Reply

    Have you seen any 12 year old look like that in the last picture?! NO! SO HOW?!

  3. Posted by gadouryfamily, — Reply

    Tood is not twelve he is thirteen in most of the series but in are years he would be about 14

  4. Posted by luluwarhol, — Reply

    Ok so Tom looks young for his age but he does not look like a 12 year old as todd

  5. Posted by dorough1740, — Reply

    He doesnt look 12 anymore

  6. Posted by paige_mcdevitt, — Reply

    I refuse to believe he is sixteen in tje top one

  7. Posted by luluwarhol, — Reply

    Also have y'all ever seen a 13 year old that hot? They just don't exist

  8. Posted by staurluv, — Reply

    a couple of these comments are sketchy and gross ... chiiiiild, anyway

  9. Posted by ellieeee_love, — Reply

    Damn that’s a hot 12 year old 😂😂

  10. Posted by averykenney2013, — Reply

    How is the last one 12.

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