50 Breakup Quotes That Describe How Much Breakups Hurt


When You Don't Know How To Get Over Someone You Love, Turning To Inspirational Quotes Can Help You Find Strength And Hope, So Here Are The 50 Best Sayings About Moving On After A Breakup To Help You Heal Your Broken Heart.


  1. Posted by hope99872, — Reply

    Thinking of this quote made me realize how true it was. Itmade me see the true people that id dated and honestly gave me something to think about

  2. Posted by Gracie_Hemphill1998, — Reply

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  3. Posted by jassenianiaz, — Reply

    But doesn’t the way the stayed for the time tell you about them too ? The way they leave might tell you the harsh truth but the lie is hidden . Maybe they didn’t want to leave but they didn’t want to stay either because they were scared to love . The way they leave doesn’t tell you everything . How they were when they stayed does .

  4. Posted by quoteish, — Reply

    If you are brave enough to say goodbye life will reward you with a new hello. - Paulo Coelho

  5. Posted by hagopianliana, — Reply

    What does the way she leaved tell? 😔

  6. Posted by asnazakeer1974, — Reply

    Deep meaning

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