42 Sweet And Funny Animal Pictures That Will Make Your Day


This doggo looks so surprised!


  1. Posted by jetztgehtslos, — Reply

    Wait - he has surgery..where's the collar of shame? I mean it is shameful enough to have to present oneself to the public with no pants, but...?!?!? Looks like some sticky paint has been poured over him telling from the legs

  2. Posted by howell_je, — Reply

    My cat had his tail removed cause a car ran over it... it was rlly sad at the time until he came back with a shaved buttcrack and a stub above his asshole.

  3. Posted by 25lmeador, — Reply

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  4. Posted by nrmlaguna, — Reply

    Quiero pensar que tubo una cirugía, pero aún se me hace indignante que lo raparan asi ,no se como les puede causar risa el maltrato a un indefenso animalito. No al maltrato.

  5. Posted by wolfpaws503, — Reply

    Am I the only one that thinks he would look Thunder from Dawn of The Clans(book series nicknames warrior cats) when he fur grew back?

  6. Posted by laurenjade9377, — Reply

    Awwww poor kitty... my puppy had surgery (for getting spayed) and the poor thing had a big ol rectangle complete shaved on her whole belly too! For a month she had to wear the cone of shame, but we found this onesie thing for dogs to wear after that kind of surgery instead of the big cone. Sooooo helpful. The fabric over her skin keeps her from licking it

  7. Posted by bottledsalad, — Reply

    No fue maltratado sin razón, una cirugía requiere que lo rapen, y probablemente sepan que cortarse el pelo no duele.

  8. Posted by ellaplemmons, — Reply

    Wait though if he’s wearing a cast on his front arm then why in the world did he get his back legs shaved?

  9. Posted by ajfoster68900, — Reply

    this picture is slightly unsettling

  10. Posted by chelomndez, — Reply

    Me parece muy mal esto. Que se lo cortes un poco ok pero así es hacerle un daño al animalito. MUY MAL 🤬

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