35 Single Memes To Bring Joy To Your Lonely Heart


Need a good laugh today?? Enjoy these 35 hilarious single memes. They are sure to delight your day or make you want to eat a pint of ice cream!


  1. Posted by keirajadecooley, — Reply

    Mine is imaginary and either riding in a volvo, blue jeep, 67 impala, old red Porsche, black mustang. And is a vampire, werewolf, hunters, or Stiles.

  2. Posted by morganclarke589, — Reply

    “ I mean it’s a big ass turtle, but it’s old and this a generation ride so I’m not getting any mileage on it, and the girl who I’m supposed to be with for 30 years of my life is probably not in my same state, and this turtle could break down any minute, and i can’t walk after what the hyenas did, so that’s where I’m at”.

  3. Posted by disneychanneltrend, — Reply

    1) Give a kiss to your hand (left hand) 2) Say your crushes name. 3) Close your hand. 4) Say the name of a weekday. 5) Say your name. 6) Open your hand. 7) Paste this to 15 comments n the day you said In step 4 he/she will tell you they like you.

  4. Posted by jennerations6699, — Reply

    I probably have a princess and just haven’t realized I’m supposed to be the one on the white horse, oops

  5. Posted by johnescolero1, — Reply

    Think mine got hit by a bus or is in the desert riding a very confused turtle 😂😂

  6. Posted by CreatureOfTheDark, — Reply

    I hope mine isn't riding a turtle lost somewhere searching for vengeance

  7. Posted by antaliyad, — Reply

    Mine has already found himself another woman... #singleforlife

  8. Posted by Suz319, — Reply

    He lived and died several hundred years ago in another country.

  9. Posted by anima0215, — Reply

    Out of all these 12 year old quotes, this one is funny

  10. Posted by kghill37, — Reply

    OMG I can't wait to meet the turtle 🐢🐢🐢

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