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  1. Posted by jordannut, — Reply

    This reminds me of the Amalgamate in the Undertale True Lab who tucks you into bed. I have a special place in my heart for monsters who seem scary but really are genuinely good parents who just want their kids to have the best in life. ;3

  2. Posted by arageist, — Reply

    Girl: "Mooom I can't sleep" Monster: "Damn it kid! Im trying to eat your parents" Monster: "There there go to sleep" *puts her to sleep* Girl: "Thanks mom" Monster: "Whatever, freakin annoying little..."

  3. Posted by 1QUOKKA1, — Reply

    Me as a parent

  4. Posted by nateelias1993, — Reply

    I have several questions

  5. Posted by You_Walnut, — Reply


  6. Posted by ViolaHarmony, — Reply

    Comic version of "hey OP what the heck does this mean"

  7. Posted by mysticmeadows6, — Reply

    So, this girl is either related to Frisk Dreemurr or Erma Williams...

  8. Posted by PloppyChild, — Reply

    That reminds me of the saggy titty monster from it 2

  9. Posted by labenham01, — Reply

    and now the weather

  10. Posted by jeyjeyn45, — Reply

    Вот это поворот

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