25 (More) Useful French Phrases I Learned While Studying in France - Maurine Dashney


My first post titled “The 25 Most Useful French Phrases I Learned While Studying in France” got a ton a great feedback, so I thought I’d make a part deux. And here it is . These are 25 more French phrases I encountered rather often during my study abroad in Lyon, France. Enjoy! 1. de toute façon  [də tut fa.sɔ̃]  anyway Use this just the way you would “anyway” in English. De toute façon…je disais… (Anyway…I was saying…) 2. Je me demandais…  [ʒə mə də.mɑ̃.de]  I was wondering... You definitely could have figured out this phrase by doing the conjugation yourself, but I’ve saved you the trouble. You’ll use this all the time. Je me demandais si… I remember using this for the first time at a restaurant while asking a couple of detailed questions about the menu, and then saying, “Oh, I was just wondering…” 3. Je pense que oui.  [ʒə pɑ̃s kə wi]  I think so. Other ways to say this would be je pense and je crois. The contrary—”I don’t think so”—would be the negatives of those phrases, so je ne pense pas and je ne crois pas. I never really heard je pense que non for “I don’t think so,” though. 4. C’est parti!  [se paʁ.ti]  Here we […]