2019 AW colour guide to get that true vintage aesthetic


You do not need to horde fast-fashion clothes to follow current trends and colours. Fashion designers are always looking with one eye to the past when they are creating their new designs. So, who says you can’t do the same! Follow today’s newest fashion trends – but buy your trendy garments in your local vintage shop. We collected some fab vintage outfits in the AW colours of this year’s catwalk to inspire you, here we go!


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    just a reminder to everyone that you are a bad bitch & deserve to be happy & thriving in life bc you are good enough🌿💖✨

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    can y’all stop with these self promos, i’m trying to find a comment about the girl not about yourselves

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    where do i find clothes like these? i'm trying to "re brand" but i can't find any good sites or stores

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    who is this girl? i forgot he rname but shes all over my pinterest

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    Where do I find the little sweater

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    I’d have cute clothes if i had money 😂

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    Hey! Where’s your cardigan come from?

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    Imagine having this body thoughh

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